by Datura Daydream

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All proceeds go to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), one love

Sea Six video:

Payday video:

Soundbreak video:


released December 12, 2016

Recorded by Dr Aleks Madison and Datura Daydream

Produced and mixed by Datura Daydream and Dr Aleks Madison

Mastered by Jonathan Scherk

Camouflage Saxophone on Track 5 by Jacob Armstrong

Flood Synth on Track 6 by Taekun Park



all rights reserved


Datura Daydream Toronto, Ontario

Kevin Robert Fong - Guitar/Vocal

David Larocque - Bass

Turner Wigginton - Drums

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Track Name: Sea Six
So, you woke and found it's not tomorrow
Where'd you go
You're slipping on your pennies dropping
One by one

So, you woke and found it's not tomorrow
Don't you know
You couldn't stop the freakshows calling
Psalm by psalm

Safe for you lately come to wade with me
I'll meet you in the washroom darlings
One by one
By one

You couldn't hide your night of fire
I caught your downtown lighter
Behind your back your hands were tied up
And on your face a liar

Another night to kill Delilah
I cut your hair with fire
Behind your back your hands I tied up
And on your face I've seen a liar
Track Name: Payday
once you decide to drive the long road
you can never turn back
so burn your mirrors and file your eyelids down
because the sun will glide you into the water
and you will drown the only death you deserve and
what you deserve is
_ _____ __ ______ _______
once upon a time
rest assured this will happen
and as soon come the times

soon comes the time
Track Name: Soundbreak
I shook you hard
Some kind of way
Leave you
Nothing to say

Your passenger door
My drive-in matinee
You're taken
Visions for days

When I leave you broke
I'll give you something to pay, you're saying
"Nothing ain't nothing today"
You got me
Track Name: Junglebook
We were glassed eyed and warm fingered (show me what you're worth, show me where's your radio)

Worn out from being worn out of everyone (I got a funny feeling that I'm selling you)

Of everyone (you know you made me think you looked)

And you got the best of me (hanging from a vine inside my jungle book)
Track Name: 5 mins of air
Are you still breaking in the colour forming on your knees for
5 minutes of air

I still want you to taunt me for all the times you just can't breathe for
5 minutes of air

Shut down are you're still breaking for
5 minutes of air
Track Name: Fiji One
Why why don't you care
Soon you'll be dead
Home is your illusion
No one knows why would you care

You ain't nothing till you give me
Shouldn't have to keep you
Calm in-between
Attagirl, you shouldn't be faking
You're crying
Hold on tight I'll get you
Dancing for your lying lion

Soon be gone
Fiji One
Track Name: OZ
Couldn't be Monday morning, could've sworn I crossed you off

Meet me on a Tuesday afternoon, hungover, whose not

You wish I was there with you Wednesday

You can't remember what you forgot

I guess I'll see you next Thursday, and we can still shoot up like the stars